surgically clean air

Surgically Clean Air

Many health issues arise from the air that we breathe every day. Allergies and asthma plague a large percentage of the population due to poor air quality.  We care about our patients health and we are proud to offer Surgically Clean Air purifying system.

Hospitals, Medical Labs, Dental Clinics and Surgery Centers throughout North America are using Surgically Clean Air Purifiers to improve the quality of their Indoor Air for their Patients and their Staff.

What is Surgical Clean Air system?

The Surgically Clean Air system is a world-class medical-grade indoor air cleaning system, equipped with a 6-stage filtration process that’s designed to remove Chemicals, Toxins, Germs, Odors, Gases, Mold, Allergens and most importantly kill airborne Viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness.

What sets Surgically Clean Air apart?

The system doesn’t just filter pollutants, germs, and other damaging toxins: it destroys them.

Dental procedures inadvertently generate aerosols, containing organisms and debris from each patient’s oral activity, and these can be harmful to everyone present in the clinic…. air filters result in the significant reduction of viable particles in the air. Hazardous bio-aerosols created during dental procedures can be significantly reduced using an air cleaning system

Bottom Line:Healthier Air, Healthier Patients + Staff

Microbial air pollution is a real health issue and this is where technology helps makes us a better, healthier practice. Air purification systems can play a role in significantly reducing transmittable bio-aerosols.

We invested in a Surgically Clean Air system because we believe that paying attention to the quality and purity of the air in our office creates a win/win situation for our patients and team members.

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